My favorite games of the year 2020

Will it finally end or does 2020 have another surprise for us?! In this modern era, there are increasingly less things people can definitely agree on, but if there are some stuff that everyone should agree on are: a) BLACK LIVES MATTER b) this year can suck a bag of dicks c) it was anContinue reading “My favorite games of the year 2020”

Games I wished I liked more in 2020

This is always the hardest list to make for me, because I really do not want to play bad games or play games that I know I won’t like for a list. However, there is a lot of value for both consumers and developers in acknowledging the mistakes and – hopefully – acting on themContinue reading “Games I wished I liked more in 2020”

Seven casual games I really liked in 2020

Everyone knows I am the most hardcore player that ever existed; in fact, I’m so hardcore, I needed to play a few casual games (yuck) to tone myself down and be relatable to other people. Here are some games I really enjoyed that were casual and released in 2020; there will be one honorable mentionContinue reading “Seven casual games I really liked in 2020”

My favorite games of 2019 list

2019 has been a heck of a year; so many great games came out that it forced me to change the format of this list a bit. First off, there will be a short list of honorable mentions; a list of games I played this year and thoroughly enjoyed but were not in consideration forContinue reading “My favorite games of 2019 list”

A list of games I wished I liked more in 2019

This is a list of games I wished I liked more than I did, including 8 that are sorted alphabetically and the top two; what this is not, is a list of bad games or worst games of the year, or games that absolutely have nothing good or worthwhile about them. I liked some ofContinue reading “A list of games I wished I liked more in 2019”