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About me

I love playing video games and watching movies. My dream is to make a living doing my two passions in life: Experiencing entertainment and writing. I love thinking, reviewing, and analyzing video games and movies; I love writing my own creative works. I hope you enjoy your time here and would you kindly (ha, see what I did there? I told you I love video games!) leave feedback so I can improve, share an article you find to be worthwhile, and follow the blog if you enjoy my writing.

A little bit about me:

I don’t like talking about entertainment through the context of genres, especially when it comes to my preferences and tastes. Obviously some times, it is a great way to efficiently describe something, but when I can avoid it, I usually do, because it allows me to experiment with different types of media. For example, I love all things horror, but I can’t stand horror video-games for the most part. This is to say that I can’t give you a tidy summary of what to expect to find in my blog; sometimes it will be a big-budget, AAA, open-world game; sometimes it will be the biggest blockbuster movie of the year. Other times it will be obscure or smaller indie stuff that caught my eye and wanted to check out; tl;dr I gravitate towards stuff that I find interesting and creative, and that usually means that it will be a little bit of everything.