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Games of the Year list: Part One

2021’s 2020 game of the year, best of the rest. 2021’s 2020 game of the year: I have many hobbies and, as is true for everyone, limited time. So, I always have stuff that I want to play or experience from years past and 2020 was no different. These are the games I played in […]

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Twelve Minutes Spoiler Discussion

Complete Story spoilers, if you want to avoid them check out my spoiler-free review. If you’ve read my review for 12 Minutes, you’d understand that I have mixed feelings on the game; on the one hand, it is an interesting, thought-provoking, kind-of-unique game with great moments and ideas; on the other, it suffers from a […]

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Twelve Minutes Review

I remember saying for Twelve Minutes for the first time back in 2015 when Giant Bomb released an early demo video with the game creator Luis Antonio; I, like most people, was super intrigued and wanted to see more. Fast forward four years and the game has resurfaced with Annapurna Interactive set to publish; skip […]