An attempt to talk about Kentucky Route Zero

It’s been almost 4 months since the final installment of Kentucky Route Zero, ACT V, was released, and since I was a huge fan, I decided to replay each act again to lead me into the last one; it has been over a month since I have done that, and since then I’ve written thisContinue reading “An attempt to talk about Kentucky Route Zero”

Seven Game awards event demos that I tried

As far as award shows go, I’m not a fan, but The Game Awards are, admittedly, fun to watch; I don’t really care about the actual awards, but Geoff Keighley has managed to always put together a surprising and entertaining show with reveals and premieres. He’s also doing some great work “digitalizing” industry events withContinue reading “Seven Game awards event demos that I tried”

Borderlands 3: How to make a better sequel frustrating

I’ve put hundreds of hours into Borderlands 2 and as I finally started my journey with the long awaited sequel, I started thinking back on it and remembering my time with it; the memorable characters and solid jokes, the interesting villain that was Handsome Jack, and the fantastic, loot-oriented gameplay loop that had me hooked,Continue reading “Borderlands 3: How to make a better sequel frustrating”

The sequel to Her Story is bigger, better, and worst as a whole

Video game sequels are usually all about doing what you liked from the original bigger and better; Halo, Gears of War, Uncharted, DOOM Eternal, etc. A lot of the time this works and it is why most successful sequels are generally regarded as better games than their predecessors, but there are the exceptions to thisContinue reading “The sequel to Her Story is bigger, better, and worst as a whole”

Neon Abyss is my Michael Bay of rogue-likes.

When you enjoy something very much and consider it your hobby, you usually start considering why you enjoy it, so that you can make more informed decision about how to spend your time in a more satisfying and entertaining way; I love most forms of entertainment and my time is very limited, which means IContinue reading “Neon Abyss is my Michael Bay of rogue-likes.”

A great idea stretched thin, but was there any other way?

If you read any of my articles, you would have understood that I have a lot of love for AA and indie studios. I often excuse and forgive many negatives from their offerings, because they are often overshadowed by many of their inherent positives. For a while now, I’ve been meaning to talk about aContinue reading “A great idea stretched thin, but was there any other way?”

Summer Game Fest Demo event: Here are the 15 games I tried.

Back in July, Xbox held a week-long event showcasing some upcoming games through demos and I tried 15 of them. Then the event ended, but I still wanted to talk about them, so I wrote a quick summary of what each game is and what I though about the demos. Hopefully if you missed theContinue reading “Summer Game Fest Demo event: Here are the 15 games I tried.”

Summer in Mara and polish in video games

I do the joke three times and I’m not sorry 2020 is full of great life/farming sim experiences; Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Ooblets being the standout two for my liking, but Story of Seasons is also out this year, and Atomicorps is a unique-looking game that uses farming sim elements, yet those are theContinue reading “Summer in Mara and polish in video games”

Terminator: Resistance review

Why smaller is better. Terminator: Resistance is a known quantity by now; released last year, it has received general praise and was generally considered a pleasant surprise, due to it being a movie tie-in game, but also due to the developers track record – primarily, the fact that they developed the famously terrible, on-rail shooterContinue reading “Terminator: Resistance review”

Casual games part 1: Wattam and Tangle Tower

To a lot of people casual games are something to be mocked or a bad use of the medium to appeal to the common denominator; in a lot of cases, that is something that happens in order to lure people into an exploitative system that hooks them on a simple and addictive loop, so thatContinue reading “Casual games part 1: Wattam and Tangle Tower”