Case study: Uncut Gems

Uncut Gems is known for its sensory overload, but the most poignant point is found in its absence A lot has been said about Uncut gems since it has come out; Sandler’s Oscar worthy performance, Julia Fox’s incredible portrayal considering this is her first role as an actress, Darius Khondji’s vivid cinematography, Daniel Lopatin’s score,Continue reading “Case study: Uncut Gems”

Annihilation and the cost of making movies in 2018

After concluding my viewing of Annihilation on Netflix last night, I was left with a few thoughts; most where about the movie and dissecting its many themes and questions, but the main one was in my mind since it was announced, late last year. Obviously, I am referring to the controversial deal between Paramount andContinue reading “Annihilation and the cost of making movies in 2018”

Case Study: Velvet Buzzsaw

Case Study: Velvet Buzzsaw and “bold” movies As I go back to previous articles, scanning and looking for ways to improve, I’ve often found a common error that I keep doing due to inexperience or lack of ability: When I don’t like a movie or find it more disappointing than fulfilling, yet I still findContinue reading “Case Study: Velvet Buzzsaw”

The chaser

If I had to summarize in a sentence what I think makes “The chaser” a fantastic movie, it would sound something like: Simple concepts taken to new grounds and executed impeccably. The movie has a simple story premise and a simple action motif but it takes both story and action to exciting new grounds andContinue reading “The chaser”