A great idea stretched thin, but was there any other way?

If you read any of my articles, you would have understood that I have a lot of love for AA and indie studios. I often excuse and forgive many negatives from their offerings, because they are often overshadowed by many of their inherent positives. For a while now, I’ve been meaning to talk about aContinue reading “A great idea stretched thin, but was there any other way?”

Ori and the will of the wisps review

How often do you 100% games? As a question, this seems to be an inquiry towards the qualities of the game, rather than the individual’s preferences and playstyle, however as anyone who plays games regularly knows, that’s not actually true; lots of amazing games have optional content that most people will not experience, and certainlyContinue reading “Ori and the will of the wisps review”

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

September has been an irregularly strong month for video games; Control came out late August, Borderlands 3, FIFA, Untitled Goose Game, Overland, Sayonara Wild Hearts, Gears 5. The list can go on with at least a dozen more titles, but I’ll cut it there! I’ll be covering some of them throughout this month, and theContinue reading “The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening”

Youngblood is both a step forward and a step back

As I was entering my 14th hour with Wolfenstein: Youngblood, I went back to the catacombs, which serve as the hub of the game, to finish up on a couple of side quests that I had just done in Brother 2 (the second of three raid maps that serve as main missions). I concluded theContinue reading “Youngblood is both a step forward and a step back”

Exploring three mediocre sequels to see if they are worth playing

As a Game Pass subscriber, I’m always excited to see which new games are added each month for me to sink my teeth in. Over the past few months, there were several games added that I always wanted to try, but never really intrigued me enough to take the monetary plunge on them; whether thatContinue reading “Exploring three mediocre sequels to see if they are worth playing”

My Friend Petro

As an obsessive fan of various entertainment mediums, I’m a huge sucker for IPs that attempt to marry two or more mediums in a unified product, whether that’s through adapting an IP from one medium to another or by combining the inherent features of both into one unique experience (like rhythm games). While it’s obviousContinue reading “My Friend Petro”

How two studios’ visions of Rage 2 contradict and cancel each other out

Rage 2 is one of those games that are just good; not bad, not great, there’s nothing so incomprehensibly bad that it hurts your head just thinking how that feature made it through the development process, or anything amazing about it that it would make me think about it long after I stopped playing. It’sContinue reading “How two studios’ visions of Rage 2 contradict and cancel each other out”

Chill puzzle games

All video games are puzzle games, if you see them from a certain perspective; my definition of a puzzle is that you’re presented with a clearly defined set of rules which are meant to be followed—or broken in an equally defined and predictable way—in order to reach a valid or acceptable end state. They areContinue reading “Chill puzzle games”

Some general concerns about Google Stradia that I have

On Tuesday, March 19th, Google unveiled its “secret” project to enter the gaming space with Google Stradia; a streaming service that uses databases as the platform for high-end gaming experiences, that are then streamed to the player on their screen of choice (phone, laptop, TV, etc.), alongside a handful of neat features like sharing saveContinue reading “Some general concerns about Google Stradia that I have”