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My favorite games of the year 2021

Also, ongoing experience of the year. Ongoing experiences of 2021: I suck at coming up with titles. “Ongoing experiences” might be my worst title yet because of how deceptive it is; it does perfectly capture how I interact with these games, though. Most will think that I’m talking about “live-service” games, but these games are […]

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Unpacking review and a discussion on game pricing and worth

Gaming discourse can be a fun space to interact with. I remember back in 2017 when Odyssey was first revealed and people (including myself) absolutely lost their minds when Mario had nipples; all that additional power of the Switch utilized to give Mario what he has been missing all these years: Nipples. It was some […]

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Steam Nextfest 2021 Demo impressions

Another Game Fest, another endless stream of demos on both Xbox and Steam. Steam even gave their event a separate name this year, and hosted close to 700 demos; compared to Xbox, Steam did a good job at discoverability, but with the quantity of demos (and probable quality) I am bound to have missed a […]