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My favorite games of the year 2020

Will it finally end or does 2020 have another surprise for us?! In this modern era, there are increasingly less things people can definitely agree on, but if there are some stuff that everyone should agree on are: a) BLACK LIVES MATTER b) this year can suck a bag of dicks c) it was an […]

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Haven review

Back in July, when the demos festival was taking place on Xbox, I had a few highlighted games I was on the lookout for and Haven was one of them. Focusing on a couple of young runaways taking refuge in an alien planet, the game had clear inspirations from a wide array of points like […]

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Summer Game Fest Demo event: Here are the 15 games I tried.

Back in July, Xbox held a week-long event showcasing some upcoming games through demos and I tried 15 of them. Then the event ended, but I still wanted to talk about them, so I wrote a quick summary of what each game is and what I though about the demos. Hopefully if you missed the […]