An attempt to talk about Kentucky Route Zero

It’s been almost 4 months since the final installment of Kentucky Route Zero, ACT V, was released, and since I was a huge fan, I decided to replay each act again to lead me into the last one; it has been over a month since I have done that, and since then I’ve written thisContinue reading “An attempt to talk about Kentucky Route Zero”

Borderlands 3: How to make a better sequel frustrating

I’ve put hundreds of hours into Borderlands 2 and as I finally started my journey with the long awaited sequel, I started thinking back on it and remembering my time with it; the memorable characters and solid jokes, the interesting villain that was Handsome Jack, and the fantastic, loot-oriented gameplay loop that had me hooked,Continue reading “Borderlands 3: How to make a better sequel frustrating”

A great idea stretched thin, but was there any other way?

If you read any of my articles, you would have understood that I have a lot of love for AA and indie studios. I often excuse and forgive many negatives from their offerings, because they are often overshadowed by many of their inherent positives. For a while now, I’ve been meaning to talk about aContinue reading “A great idea stretched thin, but was there any other way?”

Terminator: Resistance review

Why smaller is better. Terminator: Resistance is a known quantity by now; released last year, it has received general praise and was generally considered a pleasant surprise, due to it being a movie tie-in game, but also due to the developers track record – primarily, the fact that they developed the famously terrible, on-rail shooterContinue reading “Terminator: Resistance review”

Ori and the will of the wisps review

How often do you 100% games? As a question, this seems to be an inquiry towards the qualities of the game, rather than the individual’s preferences and playstyle, however as anyone who plays games regularly knows, that’s not actually true; lots of amazing games have optional content that most people will not experience, and certainlyContinue reading “Ori and the will of the wisps review”

Casual games part 1: Wattam and Tangle Tower

To a lot of people casual games are something to be mocked or a bad use of the medium to appeal to the common denominator; in a lot of cases, that is something that happens in order to lure people into an exploitative system that hooks them on a simple and addictive loop, so thatContinue reading “Casual games part 1: Wattam and Tangle Tower”

The one thing I particularly enjoyed about the campaign of The Division 2

As the modern game industry keeps making and adopting the “live service” model for most, “big” AAA games, I’ve found it harder and harder to talk about them consistently or, in some cases, passionately; even as I write this, Massive Entertainment, the studio behind The Division franchise, have come out with news about a paidContinue reading “The one thing I particularly enjoyed about the campaign of The Division 2”

Apex Legends and Tetris 99

Ever since “PUBG” exploded into the scene, I was pretty disinterested in the genre; Kinji Fukasaku’s “Battle Royale” is one of my favorite movies, not only because of the concept, but of what he explores through that concept, such as the brutal competition bred into younger generations by older ones who have seen and doneContinue reading “Apex Legends and Tetris 99”

Are AA games back on the rise?

In yesteryears, I used to be able to categorize a game in 3, simple groups: Indie, AAA and AA games. As the years went by and the industry matured and got more vicious and unforgiving, while we, the people playing games, got more and more demanding of games, more informed and less inclined to takeContinue reading “Are AA games back on the rise?”

Games I’ll never finish: Away: Journey to the Unexpected and SIMULACRA

February is a weird month this year for me; there are a lot of highly anticipated games out this year, but none of them “forced” me to pull the trigger on them. Anthem looks like something I’m not interested in (regardless of quality), Far Cry: New Dawn looks like more of Far Cry 5 andContinue reading “Games I’ll never finish: Away: Journey to the Unexpected and SIMULACRA”