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PES 2019

During the pre-match press conference, the manager takes some questions from the journalists.

Reporter A: There’s been some backlash over the past years, for the seeming disinterest from the club’s point of view, on how the team’s visuals are not up to par with the rest of the football world; how do you answer to that vocal section of the fans?

Manager: Well, I think that I can sit here all day and say stuff like “it’s not the kits that matter, it’s the football” or “that’s not an actual issue”, but at the end of the day the kits represent a club’s history, present, and future, and I would agree with those fans that criticize the look of our kits; you can only squint your eyes to make the kits look relatively modern for so long. I think this is something that should not be excused or brushed away and should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Reporter B: Regardless of the visuals though, it must be said that your team is playing exciting and satisfying football at the moment…

Manager: Definitely. We do have our critics about how “one-note” our style is regardless of opposition or the team we field, but we’ve shown there are multiple ways we can play; the results aren’t always what you hope for, but they go our way most of the time. The most important thing is that we have fun and we enjoy our football, as do our fans.

Reporter B: Speaking of results though, this past summer you’ve lost one of your biggest stars and with the other big star nearing the exit door as well, the club has decided to invest in shrewd acquisitions from all over Europe; how’s that approach been for you? Has it worked the way you wished it would?

Manager: I think it will surprise no one when I say that I wished I could keep the players that have left, added a few other big hitters that honestly are embarrassing omissions from a club of our history and standard. However, given our budget and the limited space we are afforded by our owners, we have made smart decisions this summer; would we be better with the players that left and with the players that should be in this team? No doubt, but we have to be realistic about our situation, and going back to our exciting style of play, those departures and holes in our team are not the end of our season, so we soldier on.

Reporter C: A lot of people have praised the teamwork of your team, but have become increasingly frustrated with the solo efforts and individual development of players. Do you agree with that statement?

Manager: I think that teamwork is where football is at its element and where most people will focus on, but solo is still a fundamental part of our game. Have our players developed as much as we had hoped? No. They have the technique, the complexity, the intention, and the potential to be far better that what they currently are, but what they are right now, out classes most other players out there.

Reporter C: Even with the frustrating consistency to get basic details wrong?

Manager: Even with that, yes. I know sometimes you look at this team and it feels like a team from the mid-2000s and sometimes that gets on people’s nerves; it gets on my nerves most of the time! But, even with a lot of the basics being wrong, you just love experiencing this team play!

Reporter A: Just to elaborate a bit deeper into the playing sensation and the results you mentioned earlier; with your main rival doing so well in being a modern team—meaning visually, the details, the budget being more modern, the high-profile acquisitions, the teamwork and individuals being of a higher standard—can you even hope, nowadays, to reach that status? Is it even your goal to do so?

Manager: Like I said earlier, you have to be realistic; with the budget we have, with the support we get, we have to make a few hard choices. Both teams play great football; we play better football at the expense of visuals, budget, and details. I think our goal must be to become the best in everything, but whether that is the goal of everyone involved; it’s hard to say. As for our rivals, I think you’ll just have to ask them…

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