Extinction spoiler review

If you read the premise of Extinction and watch the trailer for the new Netflix original movie, you’ll probably think that this is sci-fi “Take Shelter”. It shares a lot of common threads with Jeff Nichols’ 2011 drama: A father has nightmares/visions of an impending catastrophe that impacts his sanity, family and job; nobody believesContinue reading “Extinction spoiler review”

Avengers: End Game spoiler discussion

End game is a movie like none other; not in terms of quality, but in terms of scope and what it tries to achieve. It tries to satisfyingly wrap up the 21(?!) movies that preceded it, pay homage to them, and set up the next phase of the MCU; at the same time, it hasContinue reading “Avengers: End Game spoiler discussion”

Shape of water spoiler review and discussion

In the interest of transparency and disclosure, let me start by saying that Guillermo Del Toro is one of my favorite directors working today and his latest endeavor would be on top of-or thereabout-the top of my watch list the moment I would hear about it. However talk of this film after its Venice festivalContinue reading “Shape of water spoiler review and discussion”