Is there any worth in releasing bad content on a subscription-based platform?

Generally, I try to avoid bashing movies or video games on this blog; I don’t enjoy it. If I happen to experience something that is disappointing or simply bad, I generally try to find the silver lining in it, because (this should go without saying) nobody sets out to make something that is terrible; itContinue reading “Is there any worth in releasing bad content on a subscription-based platform?”

The night comes for us

After the disappointing results of “Polar”, and having been excited for a good gory action movie, I decided to scan my long list for anything that would match that description, and then I stumbled upon it: “The night comes for us” starring the guys who worked on “The Raid” and “The Raid 2”, two ofContinue reading “The night comes for us”


Original Netflix movies had a shaky start to 2018; “Bright” was critically panned (I know it’s a late 2017 movie, but I saw it early 2018), “The Cloverfield Paradox” was disappointing, and “Mute”—which I actually liked—gave Netflix Original movies a bad reputation. Films like “Calibre”, “Cargo”, “TAU”, “Extinction”, and “How it ends”, not only keptContinue reading “Polar”

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch review

As 2018 was—thankfully—reaching its end, Netflix decided that it was going to give people a farewell gift: A new Black Mirror standalone movie/interactive experience. As a fan of the series and video games, I could not be more excited, and having seen/played through it twice, I am glad this experiment was made and released forContinue reading “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch review”

The O.D. on Movies: Roma

With 2018 coming to a close, we wanted to end a wonderful year in entertainment with something special, and Netflix allowed us to do so, by making Alfonso Cuaron’s latest movie available. “Why is that special?” you may ask yourselves, and the answer to that is twofold; first Cuaron’s “Children of Men” is one ofContinue reading “The O.D. on Movies: Roma”

The O.D. on Movies: Hold the Dark

Rulerofowls and Couchowl have both seen Jeremy Saulnier’s latest movie, “Hold the Dark”, and both have different feelings on it. The movie stars Jeffrey Wright, Riley Keough, and Alexander Skarsgard, and tells the story of a writer who is accepts the pleadings of a grieving mother to come to her remote Alaskan village and findContinue reading “The O.D. on Movies: Hold the Dark”

The O.D. on Movies: The Haunting on Hill House

Rulerofowls and Couchowl have both been enjoying the hell out of “The Haunting on Hill House”–the new Netflix series directed by Mike Flanagan of Oculus, Ouija: Origin of Evil, and Gerald’s Game fame–and after finishing the series this past week, have taken the time to reflect and discuss the series’ strengths and what they foundContinue reading “The O.D. on Movies: The Haunting on Hill House”