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Day 1: Just shipwrecked on this isle. Found a few resources on the beach and then climbed this hill; found this weird lantern that uses unnatural energy orbs and open up pathways, while lighting my way, as I descent further and further into this cave…found a way back to the beach so I’m going to camp there for the night. I hope I can find a way to get of this rock, and my only chance is in that cave; there’s something lurking there, something dark and mysterious. I have to find it; it has to be the key to getting off.

Day 3: Went back to the cave and descended further down its depths. I found weird looking shadows with bright red eyes, charging at me as soon as they see me; thankfully, my sword, shield, and bow have readily answered their attacks, and with a single swing I’m able to end their treacherous existence. Those weird energy orbs seem to come out of them as soon as they expire, so the lantern keeps on lighting the way, but I’m going to start using my torch a lot more often now, even though it leaves me vulnerable to attacks; for shadows with glowing red eyes, those beings are not really that dangerous, as they take one hit before they expire and their attacks don’t hurt that much…Finally made it to a place where those shadows don’t seem to be in, so I’ll camp here for the night; there’s something telling me I should through those spirit orbs into the fire, as if that’s a good idea; I’ll try that and see what happens.

Day 4: The fire turned to the color of the sky on a bright spring morning and then I felt…nothing; something happened, I’m not sure what though…I’ve been hunting and gathering food since my unfortunate arrival here, and I’ve finally thrown the right stuff together to make a proper meal, so now I’m sitting here making these memoirs before I go further down this cave. This cave may be a dark and dangerous place, but I find that there’s a tranquility amongst these narrow and shallow corridors; there’s a serene quietness surrounding this place, swallowing all of the anxiety of survival, the excitement of combat, urging me to explore deeper and deeper. I am afraid that the deeper I go, the more lost and the more doomed I’ll be…

Day??: Got shipwrecked on this small island, found a used campfire and lit it again; something urged me closer and closer to the flames, which suddenly turned blue and brought me into the cave. Found a dead body, surrounded by deadly shadow demons; I took its stuff, which is why I’m now in possession of this journal, the lantern, that person’s weapons and resources, and their knowledge. I don’t know how or why, and I don’t care; I won’t die here like that body. My sole concern is that now—beyond being a shipwrecked sailor—I am also a thief. Can’t dwell on that now; I have to keep going down, there has to be an escape of this island.

Day 5: This is my 5th day on this island, and I’ve been busy: I’ve explored, fought, and pushed my way through to another safe spot with a campfire. Judging from what I’ve read on this journal, this cave gets more dangerous as you descent it’s multiple layers; and it’s not just those demons. Spikes rising from the ground nearly killed me yesterday, but I barely stopped myself from falling into my gruesome death…I’ve lit the fire now and I felt a strange urgency to throw those orbs into the fire; I knew I had that thought before, but I didn’t know from where, until I re-read this journal. That’s why I was brought into this cave! The last guy had thrown those orbs! I’ll do the same favor for the next poor, unlucky soul; hopefully they’ll never come to the same realization as I have…On my way towards descending a few floors, I discovered something unexplainable; not that any of the things I encountered can be explained, but this time I was teleported far away from this dreadful cave, into a safe space! There were places to keep stuff there but no way out; needless to say, I tried very hard to escape but no such luck. To anyone reading this and deciding to explore further: If you find yourself on a camp next to a giant rock sculpture, shine the lantern you’ve found on it and it will take you to the safe place; I’ve left some food and a spear for you to find.

Day??: This is the my first entry on this journal, and after reading all of the previous entries, receiving all the help that was left for me, I can confidently say that I am better equipped and prepared for what’s to come; if it is not me who leaves this forsaken isle, that’s okay. I will do what the others did and leave a trail behind me, guard this lantern relic, leave supplies and weapons for you in the safe place, and write down any new information I can gather. Continue this journal, keep fighting, until the very last entry is about you finding a way out; this may be a serene, picturesque place and surviving the creatures’ wrath and nature’s will may be challenging and satisfying, but it’s going to be tempting to stop pushing forward because of how everything looks and fights the same. It will seem that after a short while, nothing really progresses, and if that happens to you as it has to me and the previous survivors, then make sure you at least pass on this journal and this lantern. If this is my first and last entry, then I hope you have better luck than I did…

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