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The O.D. on Games: Warframe

A casual conversation between the Rulerofowls (ROW) and Tenno-owl (TO), about the Ruler’s recent time spent playing Warframe and their feelings on the game

  • TO: So, a little birdie told me you were playing Warframe-pretty intensely-over the past couple of weeks. Are you finally awake Tenno?
  • ROW: Yeah I like it a lot so far! Mechanically it might be the best currently available. It’s just so fun to move around and shoot weird-looking aliens and robots, as a freaking space-ninja; the guns feel great, melee combat is a bit button-smashing, but movement is excellent, and the game looks really good, but considering it’s free-to-play it actually looks mind-blowing for a free game. Seriously the way the game moves, feels and represents your actions and movements through fluid animations and satisfactory presentation, make it unique feeling out of all the games currently in the market; free-to-play or otherwise! However, I still have a few issues with it…
  • TO: Well I’ve been playing far longer than you have, so perhaps I can help you?
  • ROW: Well, the main thing right now is that the game’s too freaking dense and complicated; there’s dozens of damage types, systems, game modes, currencies, planets, frames, weapons, different levels with different drop rates. It’s owl too much to wrap my head round!
  • TO: It’s actually pretty simple: Your IPS-which stands for Impact, Puncture and Slash- doesn’t really matter so long as you have the elemental damage that matches the faction you are up against and the corresponding one of the IPS is the correct one for the specific faction…
  • ROW: See, I don’t really underst…
  • TO: What’s really important for damage is your mods: You can basically make your guns super powerful on one damage type or add an elemental damage or reduce reload speed and increase rate of fire, add critical chance and damage…
  • ROW: No, see I get that but…
  • TO: Of significance is the polarity of the mod, because if your weapon/frame/melee slots have polarities on them, then matching them with mods of the same polarity will half their drain and allow you to equip better mods, like prime mods, rarer mods, corrupted mods…
  • ROW: Yeah, I get all that, howlever…
  • TO: Also in the slots that don’t have a polarity, you can equip one with the Forma-do you have any Forma blueprints?
  • ROW: A couple, but that’s…
  • TO: A COUPLE? Sowlcrillige! You need to farm the fuck out of those Forma blueprints, because when you max your weapon/frame/melee, you can use a forma and add or change the polarity of a slot and level it up again…
  • ROW: Oh wow, like prestiging in CoD or something…
  • TO: And you want to level it up again, because you want to have the full capacity available, so you can use more mods and fuse those mods so that they are stronger-you have fused mods haven’t you?
  • ROW: Yeah, but I’m not sure which ones are worth it and which ones are only good for early game stuff…
  • TO: Ok, that’s pretty simple too, you need Endo and Credits… [Inaudible Warframe stuff]… Orokin Cells are super helpful when looking at that drain and the polarity… [More Warframe lingo] have you joined a Clan yet? [Ruler is simply overwhelmed at this point] and that’s why Syndicates are super important! *draws deep breath*. Pretty simple right?
  • ROW: That may sound simple to you, but remember that you’ve been playing this game, every day, for the past four years; I’ve been playing for the past couple of weeks! My big issue is that, although I understand most of this, I don’t know how to use that information effectively, what materials to grind for and what weapons to go for. For example, I think I’m progressing through the game, but I’m not sure, because I’m moving to new planets but I’m not getting enough materials, or I’m grinding and getting materials but everything is just too easy, which signals that I should move on!
  • TO: I think that’s what’s great with Warframe’s structure; there’s enough unknowns that you need to figure stuff out, like the damage system and grinding, set your own goals and understand the game with your own perspective. In fact, you have an advantage I didn’t; there are tons of wiki articles and videos for explaining all of the systems in Warframe and most of them are at least guiding you towards a better path!
  • ROW: In all owlnesty, that stuff is pretty helpful, and a lot of my progression has come down to following beginner’s guides videos on YouTube, which is kind of a bummer for me, because I enjoy the discovery aspect of games and would love to have been able to figure this stuff out on my own.
  • TO: Yeah, introducing a game that has been consistently changed for the past 6 years and teaching everything to new players, not the strongest suit of Warframe! In their defense though, Warframe does require a lot of effort and patience because they built it that way and encourage that interaction with it. It certainly follows their vision of the game and you have to go along with that.
  • ROW: I’m fine with games not holding my hand through every aspect of it, but I wish that I was taught the basics and left on my own to figure everything else out, which I don’t feel like I was! But beyond that, I’m completely in love with it, especially the monetization aspects, which were my biggest concerns going in!
  • TO: Were you one of the people who were put off by the early monetization aspects? Those days are long gone, my friend!
  • ROW: I didn’t really pay attention to that stuff, because I was not interested in a free-to-play shooter back then. But, as time went on and I kept hearing about the game and how well it was supported, how greatly it played and how fairly it was monetized, I just had to give it a shot and eventually I did.
  • TO: Yeah, DE have been delivering great updates and content, all fairly monetized, to which the community has responded; they helped shape Warframe as it exists today with their input.
  • ROW: That’s really cool! But, acknowledging that you don’t need to buy anything to play and that won’t affect your ability to finish the game and you can get every item in the game without paying, I still have some issues.
  • TO: What issues?! It’s widely considered the ‘fairest’ free-to-play game out there!
  • ROW: It’s certainly the ‘fairest’ I’ve played so far, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few hiccups owlong the way. Customization is very limited for those who do not spent their premium currency in that direction and I have been stuck on multiple occasions-progression wise- behind rare materials that don’t unlock until the later planets. For example Forma needs neural sensors that unlock in Saturn, but you’re likely to encounter-and need it-way before that planet!
  • TO: Yeah, that is true, however customization costs very little, and platinum is not only available through real-money purchases; there is a trade system in place, so you can get platinum without buying it. Also some customization options can be purchased with the starting platimum, while the progression hiccups basically mean you’ve spent too much time on a planet for no reason!
  • ROW: Isn’t that the point of loot-shooters though? Grinding and repeating missions for better rewards? I would also argue that it’s kind of confusing and hard to understand when you ARE supposed to move on from a planet! Furthermore, I spent my platinum on a gun, because I got a “discount coupon” which is a shitty way to “nudge” players in spending or purchasing a premium currency!
  • TO: You can still use that coupon with the free currency! This is pointless; I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the monetization, especially compared to other games!
  • ROW: I owlheartedly agree with you! But, I still have some issues with the structure, the over-reliance on multiplayer, SOME of the micro-transactions, but those feel like the mosquitos in a field on a warm, spring afternoon; annoying small things, on an otherwise perfect time!
  • TO: You know talking about Warframe, made me want to play Warframe! How about we go farm those fucking Forma blueprints and those god-damn neural sensors?
  • ROW: Yes please! I would love some help getting some control modules as well, if you know where to find them…
  • TO: Yeah, bad drops on the Void then?
  • ROW: What’s that?
  • TO: Howly shit, I need to give you a thorough lesson! Once you clear out everything on Phobos…


Tenno-owl drags rulerofowls away, while his vaguely intelligible Warframe lingo echoes in their midst.

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