Annihilation review

Annihilation is a horror, sci-fi movie written and directed by Alex Garland (most known for Ex Machina) and stars Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Oscar Isaac. The movie follows Natalie Portman’s character as she travels into a mysterious zone, where weird stuff happens; as always this is what little I knew before watching theContinue reading “Annihilation review”

Avengers: End Game spoiler discussion

End game is a movie like none other; not in terms of quality, but in terms of scope and what it tries to achieve. It tries to satisfyingly wrap up the 21(?!) movies that preceded it, pay homage to them, and set up the next phase of the MCU; at the same time, it hasContinue reading “Avengers: End Game spoiler discussion”

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

As 2018 was—thankfully—reaching its end, Netflix decided that it was going to give people a farewell gift: A new Black Mirror standalone movie/interactive experience. As a fan of the series and video games, I could not be more excited, and having seen/played through it twice, I am glad this experiment was made and released forContinue reading “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch”

Captain Marvel Review

For a long while, comic book movies were centered around men; male superheroes learning to use their powers, grizzled dudes dealing with the responsibilities of being a hero, etc. But in 2016 Wonder Woman struck a core that Hollywood was seemingly unaware of: Trying something new, with finesse, precision, and passion is more than enoughContinue reading “Captain Marvel Review”

Detective Pikachu review

When the initial announcement for a Detective Pikachu movie adaptation came, I was initially skeptical; Japanese material brought over to Western productions and specifically adapted from Hollywood haven’t always delivered on the original’s quality or captured its spirit. However, as more of the cast got announced and more promotional material got released, I was givenContinue reading “Detective Pikachu review”


Heavy spoilers for Split and some light spoilers for Glass When Split released in 2016, a lot of fans and critics alike, hailed it as the comeback of M. Night Shyamalan, and in many ways it was; it was a well-made, well-written, well-acted, and well-shot psychological drama about dealing with abuse, as well as havingContinue reading “Glass”

Hobbs and Shaw movie review

I’ve had a weird relationship with the Fast and Furious franchise: I was a fan of the first three films, because at the time I was a ‘car nut’, but ever since the franchise took a more action-oriented approach and I started caring less about cars, angsty-teen me thought that the Fast and Furious moviesContinue reading “Hobbs and Shaw movie review”

Holmes and Watson

While watching Holmes& Watson, I was trying to come up with a suitable analogy to best describe this movie; what’s one thing that has such immense talent surrounding it, was very fun to produce and create, but turned out to be an impressive waste of everyone’s time and a steaming pile of dog turd? IContinue reading “Holmes and Watson”